Design Services

  Here at Michael Russell Building Design we have a flair for creative and individual designs.  We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver practical designs solutions for even the most difficult of sites.  
  We strive to consistently produce documentation with meticulous care and attention to detail to satisfy the most discerning clients.
  At Michael Russell Building Design we do not work in a vacuum. We like to involve our clients in the design process as much as possible to give them a feeling of achievement at the end of the project.  
  Our design services can range from fine-tuning a clients sketch for a modest cottage, to evolving the most notional concepts into a practical and comfortable building solutions.  
  Some of our finest work has been contrived from a client brief consisting of  little more than a short list of wishes.  
  We do not profess to be all things to all people.  We prefer to utilize the talents of a range of consultants where specialist skills are required. We are happy to arrange specialist consultants as required, such as: Surveyors, Town Planning Consultants, Structural and Civil Engineers, Landscape Designers, etc.  
  And yes, we do energy efficient designs. However we don't offer energy efficient design principles as a special service, because we have been designing using energy efficient principles as a normal part of our design process  in every project we do from the very beginning.