Stages of Documentation


Preliminary Drawings Stage:  


This is sometimes referred to as Sketch Design.


Preliminary Drawings Stage consists of creating an initial building design shown as Floor Plan/s and   2 dimensional External Views derived from any notes and/or sketches supplied by the Client during initial meeting/s.


This stage includes the initial consultation, a preliminary site investigation as required and an allowance of 1 hour for minor variations to initial documents.


Additional variations and subsequent meetings shall be included in design development stage.


Design Development Stage:


This stage covers any additional meetings and changes required to explore and develop the design to a final product in preparation to commence production of final Construction Drawings.


Due to the huge variation of time that can be consumed by this stage, work is charged at an hourly rate quoted.



  Construction Drawings Stage:  
  This stage consists of production of final Construction Drawings to an industry standard for use by a Licensed Builder in the construction of the project.  
  These normally include a Site Plan, Floor Plan/s, Set-out Plan/s, Energy Efficiency Assessment, Elevations and Sections and various Details.  
  Structural design and detailing of framing, wind-bracing and tie-down, footings and floors, etc. are usually the responsibility of a Structural Engineer.  
  Additional Detail Drawings:  
  Additional detail drawings beyond the standard Construction Drawings include, but are not limited to, floor covering or tiling lay-outs, specific joinery details, and electrical or lighting plans.  
  Fees for additional detail drawings can be discussed and quoted before commencement of final Construction Drawings.